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For the most part, I try to keep this blog revolving around food. This is my little corner of the internet where I can share my adventures in the kitchen while laughing at failures or cheering at successes along the way. On very rare occasions, though, I feel the need to dedicate a post to something else (such as major life-changes). This is the first time in the 2 years of Beezer’s Bites, however, that I have felt motivated to reblog another’s post. This message is just that strong.

If you’ve never seen Raising My Rainbow before, C.J.’s mom is one of my heroes. This post of hers will show you why:

To The Unborn Children of Homophobic Tweeters (originally posted 3/14/12 here)

“Dear unborn children of the 100 homophobes who tweeted that they would murder you if you are gay,*

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you got shitty parents.  Unfortunately it happens sometimes, though in a perfect world it wouldn’t.

I’m worried about you and so are a lot of other people.  While your future parents are thinking about killing you, we’re thinking about loving you.  Please always remember that.  You deserve to be loved, no matter what, no questions asked, unconditionally, whole-heartedly, not dependent on anything else.

I’m especially worried about the two to four percent of you who, statistically speaking, are homosexual.  I can’t sugarcoat it, you’re in for one hell of a ride.  Hold on tight and keep yourself safe.

Your parents are stupid enough to believe that sexuality is a choice and don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”  Never let them help you with your homework.

I’m sorry that your parents, though they have not been blessed with you yet, have already threatened to beat you, kill you, burn you, make you sleep in the oven, hang you from a bridge, step on your throat, drown you, stab you and/or shoot you.  Your parents don’t represent the goodness that can be found in humanity, they represent the worst.

It doesn’t mean that you are fated to be like them.  It means that you don’t have to do much to be better than them.  So start there…then soar.

You may just have to raise yourself.  Do it right.  Go to school.  It’s important.  Let your mind wander and consider “what ifs.”  Dream.  And know that once you are an adult and on your own you can make your dreams and “what ifs” a reality.  Do what you can to safely exist until then.

Be brave.  Be strong.  Believe that there are people in this world who will love you, cherish you and support you as you find your way.  Seek out your people, find your chosen family.  Don’t look back.  Know that you were made perfectly.  It’s going to be hell until you break free from your abusive, murderous parents.  Know that and believe that it can get better.  That you deserve better.

Make an awesome life for yourself.  Use their stupidity and a stature in life (or lack thereof) as a motivator to achieve better for yourself.  Realize that your parents’ minds are so closed that they aren’t fit for society.  Open yours and let it breathe.

There are families out there who would welcome you in a heartbeat, no matter which way your heart beats.  You’re going to have to believe and trust and search.   Try not to let prejudice breed prejudice, it won’t do you any good.

There’s a possibility that one day your parents will see what a fantastic adult you’ve become.  They may realize, with time, that it’s not important who you love, but that you love.  And, there may come a time that they learn that violence is not the answer. When and if this happens, you may want to forgive them.  Then again, you may not.

As I tell my sons every day….

I love you no matter what,

C.J.’s Mom**

*100 Real Tweets from Homophobes Who Would Murder Their Gay Child: On March 12, 2012, the hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic. People used this hashtag to “tweet to” their future child. Here are 100 real tweets from real people — all within 24 hours — saying they would murder their child if he or she was gay.

**If there is something you’d like to say to the unborn children of these homophobic tweeters, feel free to comment below.”

Reblogged from Raising My Rainbow

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