New Theme for New Year

…so? What do you think? I’ve been keeping my eye on blog themes for the past few months now, looking for something a bit simpler that was also more flexible. In an ideal world I’d be able to create my own space from scratch to look and perform exactly as I’d like, but that’s never going to happen in this lifetime haha. I’m feeling good about this design though: it allows for bigger photos while also giving me a bit more control behind the scenes. Thumbs up for you too?

BIGGER food photos! 🙂 ...maybe - see update.

UPDATE: Well unfortunately – blogging guru that I most certainly am not –  I’ve discovered that my bigger photos with this new theme work out only about half the time. At first I thought my tired eyes were just playing tricks on me (I do stare at a computer screen most of the day after all), but I soon realized that when my new larger photos were scaled to fit the page via Flickr a very significant amount of information was lost in the process.

Don’t ask me why this happens now and not before – maybe something about my new theme’s code – but for whatever reason the new size isn’t translating correctly. Click on the photo above and compare with the original if you want to see what I mean. Anyway, I’d much prefer to give you sharp photos at the cost of keeping them a smaller size so I apologize: the larger photos will have to wait until I have enough time to figure out a solution to this scaling issue (read: probably over the summer, haha).

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  1. the cherries are a great idea.

  2. That header’s actually been on the site since nearly the beginning, haha, but glad to know you like them. They’re my favorite berry. 🙂

  3. thumbs up!


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