Turkey and Asian Slaw Sandwich with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Sandwiches don’t usually generate a lot of excitement. I can probably count on one hand the number of sandwiches that have seriously impressed me over the years (none of which were made by me); they are just so common it’s hard to break the mold – especially in your own kitchen. That said, this turkey sandwich I whipped up the other day? Perfection. I’m not one to brag either, so the fact that this post is dedicated to doing exactly that should tell you something.

Turkey and Asian Slaw Sandwich with Sun-dried Tomatoes


For the Asian Slaw…

1      C     freshly shredded red cabbage

1/3   C    sliced almonds

1/4   C    rice vinegar*

*Note: I have a penchant for bitter and tangy tastes and liberally douse this salad with rice vinegar, more so than many others might prefer. Start with a few tablespoons of vinegar and add more to taste.

For the Sandwich…

2         slices of hearty sourdough bread, toasted

1    T    canola oil mayonnaise

1    T   sun-dried tomatoes (see Procedure)

2         large lettuce leaves, rinsed

2         slices of Swiss cheese

5    oz.  thinly sliced honey-roasted turkey breast

½   C   Asian slaw (see ingredients above)

2          toothpicks


  1. Mix up the sun-dried tomato mayo: you can either do a thorough blend in a food processor, mix ‘n mash with fork, or simply spread the mayo on toast first and add diced bits of the tomato on top (I told you, I’m lazy). One thing to keep in mind is how your tomatoes are packaged. Mine came pre-diced in a jar of oil, so I simply laid them on top of the mayo because I wanted nice chunky bites. If you use tomatoes packaged dry, however, you’ll want to blend them into the mayo well before spreading.
  2. After the toast pops (or dings) spread one slice liberally with tomato/mayo mix. Lay the Swiss cheese on the other warm slice so it melts slightly.
  3. Start stacking your ingredients. I like to put the lettuce on the mayo mix to help hold it in place and then the slaw after that, followed by the turkey. Close up your sandwich and secure halves using toothpicks before slicing.

Beezer’s Notes:

This sandwich is quick and very satisfying.There’s the crunch of the toast and almonds, soft turkey, gooey cheese, tangy slaw, and smooth sun-dried tomato mayo. I also sliced up some cucumber as a side which went well.

In my opinion, the Asian slaw is best for sandwich-stacking after sitting for at least 24 hours; fresh mixed it is heartier, crunchier, and has more of a bite to it. I mix up batches frequently as side salads and store the rest for later. As a leftover, the slaw has absorbed the moisture and is softer, holds together better, and the flavors – while still strong – have mellowed out. By that time it is also a lovely shade of deep purple, which is fun. 😉

Overall Enjoyment: ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥


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